A version is a submission and release record of the current node, where each submission generates a new version. You can check the related status, change type, and release remarks as required to facilitate operations on the node.

Note Only a submitted node has the version information.

  • File ID: The current node ID.
  • Version: A new version is generated for each release. The first release is V1, the second modification is V2, and so on.
  • Submitter: The operator who submits and releases the node.
  • Submission time: The version release time. If a version is submitted and then released, the release time covers the submission time. By default, the last release time of the operation is recorded.
  • Change type: The operation history of the current node. It is set to Added if the node is first released, and set to Modified if the node is modified.
  • Status: The operation status record of the current node.
  • Remarks: Changes the description of the current node when submitted. It facilitates other personnel to locate the related version when operating the node.
  • Action: You can select Code and Roll Back in this column.
    • View code: Click it to view the version code and precisely search for a record version to be roll back.
    • Roll back: Click it to roll back the current node to a previous version as required. You must submit the node for release again after roll back.
  • Compare: Click it to compare the code and parameters of two versions.

    Click View Details to go to the details page and compare the code and scheduling attribute changes.

    Note Only two versions can be compared. You cannot compare only one or more than three nodes.