To improve the development efficiency, data task developers can use components contributed by project and tenant members to create data processing nodes.
  • Components created by members of the local project are located under Project Components.
  • Components created by tenant members are located under Public Components.

For more information about how to use the components, see SQL Component node.

Interface functions

The interface functions are described below:
No. Function Description
1 Save Click it to save settings of the current component.
2 Steallock Edit Click it to steallock edit the node if you are not the owner of the current component.
3 Submit Click it to submit the current component to the development environment.
4 Publish Component Click it to publish a universal global component to the entire tenant, so that all users in the tenant can view and use the public component.
5 Resolve Input and Output Parameters Click it to resolve the input and output parameters of the current code.
6 Pre-compile Click it to edit custom and component parameters of the current component.
7 Run Click it to run the component locally in the development environment.
8 Stop Run Click it to stop a running component.
9 Format Click it to sort the current component code by keyword.
10 Parameter settings Click it to view the component information, input parameter settings, and output parameter settings.
11 Version Click it to view the submission and release records of the current component.
12 Reference Records Click it to view the use record of the component.