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Last Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Maximum data volume per instance

You can view and select the maximum image capacity for your instance in the Capacity configuration option of the Image Search console. Currently, Image Search supports seven image capacity specifications, which are: 2.5 Million Images, 5 Million Images, 10 Million Images, 20 Million Images, 30 Million Images, 40 Million Images, and 50 Million Images.

Maximum requests per second

You can view and select the maximum requests per second for queries in the Queries/sec configuration option. Currently, Image Search supports the specifications of a quota of 5 and 10 QPS .
The default concurrency for a delete operation is 20. That is, up to 20 delete requests can be made every second.
The system applies throttling based on these limits. To extend these limits, contact Alibaba Cloud customer service or email us at

Image sizes for insert and search requests

The file size of each image must be at least 2 MB. Both the height and width must fall into the range from 200 pixels to 1024 pixels.

Maximum HTTP POST content size

When you call an API, the body of the HTTP POST request cannot exceed 8 MB.

Supported image formats

Image Search supports both JPEG and PNG formats. Images cannot contain rotation flags in their metadata.

Maximum results per query

Image Search can return up to 100 results for one search request. However, if you apply pagination, then Image Search can return up to 500 of the top matching results.