Gcj-02 Coordinate System

GCJ-02 is a coordinate system developed by the National Bureau of Mapping and Geoinformation (People’s Republic of China) for geographical information systems (GISs).  GCJ-02 is an encryption algorithm for latitude and longitude that inserts random offsets.  Map systems released in China (including those in electronic form) must implement initial encryption on geographical locations using at least GCJ-02-level of encryption.

GeoJSON format

  • GeoJSON is a GIS data exchange format based on the JavaScript object expression method.
  • To edit GeoJSON files online, see geojson.io.

Coordinator picker—google map

The coordinator picker converts between detailed addresses and precision coordinates. For example, as shown in the following figure, if you enter Hangzhou, Zhejiang and click West Lake, the corresponding coordination information is displayed.