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Surface layer

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Surface layer includes the following child widgets: choropleth layer, isosurface layer, and grid heatmap layer.

For more information about how to add a choropleth layer, isosurface layer, or grid heatmap layer, see Map container and configure the parameters.

Choropleth layer

For more information, see the Choropleth layer usage guide.

Isosurface layer

The isosurface layer child widget can make the known vector point data into a raster map. For example, the isosurface layer can be used to interpolate a map showing the national air quality in real time which can be applied across meteorology and other industries.

Isosurface layer features:

  • Supports custom interpolation accuracy.
  • Supports custom interpolation weights.
  • Supports linear and piecewise renderings.

Grid heatmap layer

Note: The format for latitude and longitude coordinates is outlined in red in the following figure.