This topic describes how to handle the issue where Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) application pages are unavailable and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) calls fail.


EDAS application pages cannot be visited through HTTP, and RPC calls failed.

Possible causes

  1. An error occurred in the network or the application or the application configuration path was incorrect.
  2. The network between the instance and the registration center was unreachable, you did not have the permission for the service, or the RPC call timed out.


  1. If EDAS application pages cannot be visited through HTTP, do as follows:
    • Run the curl or ping command on the instance to check whether the page URL is correct. If it is, check whether the network connection from the access host to the instance is normal. If it is not, rectify the network problem and try again.
    • If the network connection is normal, check whether an error is contained in the Tomcat log file. Ensure that all log errors are resolved.
    • Ensure that the HTTP path is correct, especially the settings of the context and port number.
    • Run the following command to view the process ID of the Java program:
      ps -ef |grep java
    • Sequentially run the following commands on a JVM tool to check whether the Java program is running properly.
      sudo jstack -F process ID
      sudo jstat -class [vmid] [interval] [count];
      jmap -heap 2083
      • [vmid]: the process ID of the currently running Java program.
      • [interval]: the interval in seconds or milliseconds.
      • [count]: the number of printing times. If the default value is used, printing is ceaseless.
  2. If the RPC call failed, do as follows:
    • Check whether the application that makes the RPC call and the application that is released belong to same account and the network is reachable. Check whether the service is unavailable because the server port is blocked.
    • Check whether an error is contained in the Tomcat application logs of the service. Ensure that all log errors are resolved until you can find the service in the service list.
    • View the /home/admin/logs/hsf/hsf.log file to identify the error code. For the specific error and solution, see HSF error codes.