The primary account has full operation permissions on all resources under this account, and supports modifying account information.

Log on to the IoT Platform console using the primary account

You have full operation permissions on IoT Platform when logging on to the console using the primary account.

  1. Visit the Alibaba Cloud official website.
  2. Click Console.
  3. Log on to the console using your account and password.
    Note To retrieve an account or password, click Forgot Username or Forgot Password on the logon page to start the retrieval process.
  4. Click Products in the console to display all products and services that are provided by Alibaba Cloud.
  5. Search for IoT Platform, and click IoT Platform in the result to enter the IoT Platform console.
Note If you have not activated the IoT Platform service, the IoT Platform console prompts you to activate this service on the homepage. Click Activate Now to activate it quickly.

After entering the IoT Platform console, you can manage products, devices, and rules.

Create access control using the primary account

The primary account has full permissions, so the leakage of the primary account may cause serious security risks. Therefore, do not disclose your account and password when you authorize others to access your Alibaba Cloud resources. Instead, you should use Resource Access Management (RAM) to create sub-accounts and assign the required access permissions to these sub-accounts. All users except the primary account user or administrator access the resources using sub-accounts. For more information about accessing IoT Platform using RAM users, seeUse RAM users and Custom permissions.