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Last Updated: Jun 15, 2018
Error code Error message Cause and solution
OK Accepted N/A
isp.RAM_PERMISSION_DENY RAM permission denied. Grant the permission defined by the RAM user
isv.OUT_OF_SERVICE Account suspended due to an insufficient balance “Please check the balance of your Alibaba Cloud account and SMS resource package. If balance is above zero, please contact the Alibaba Support Center.
isv.PRODUCT_UN_SUBSCRIPT SMS service is not activated Please check whether the Short Message Service has been is activated or has not been activated.
isv.ACCOUNT_NOT_EXISTS Alibaba Cloud account does not exist Please verify that the account ID in the API is the one you own.
isv.ACCOUNT_ABNORMAL Alibaba Cloud Account is abnormal Please check the account ID in API is the one you owned.
isv.SMS_CONTENTCODE_ILLEGAL The ContentCode is illegal The ContentCode input is not on the approved list. To check your approved ContentCode, please see:
isv.INVALID_PARAMETERS Parameter is abnormal “Please check the value format for the input parameters. For example, the SendDate format should be yyyymmdd.
isp.SYSTEM_ERROR isp.SYSTEM_ERROR Pease retry again, if same error, please create Ticket to seek help.
isv.PHONE_NUMBER_ILLEGAL The format of the phone number is wrong Please input phone numbers according to format: Country Code + Phone Number
isv.PHONE_NUMBER_COUNT_OVER_LIMIT The quantity of phone numbers exceed the limit In one API call, the system can accept up to 1,000 phone numbers.
isv.TEMPLATE_MISSING_PARAMETERS Lack of value for ContentParam You need to assign all the parameters in the template with a value, and the value should be expressed in the format of JSON protocol.
isv.BUSINESS_LIMIT_CONTROL Delivery frequency exceeds limit “For the same phone number, the system will control the maximum message per day. The system default setting is 20 messages per day.
isv.INVALID_JSON_PARAM The input format of Parameters is wrong The input format of paramaters should follow JSON protocol.
isv.BLACK_KEY_CONTROL_LIMIT Blacklist control Parameter values violate regulations and sending has been denied.
isv.PARAM_LENGTH_LIMIT The length of parameter value exceeds limit The maximum length of a parameter value is 20 characters.
isv.AMOUNT_NOT_ENOUGH Account Balance insufficient The account balance is insufficient.
isv.NOT_SUPPORTED_COUNTRY Target country not supported The target country phone number does not support receiving SMS.
isv.RAM_CHECK_FAILED RAM privilege authorized failure The authorization of RAM failed.
isv.SYSTEM_LIMIT_CONTROL Sending Frequency limit reached The sending frequency exceeds the limit.
isv.DAY_LIMIT_CONTROL Exceeds Daily Volume Limit The daily volume limit has been reached. Please change the configuration in the console if you want to send more messages.
isv.MONTH_LIMIT_CONTROL Exceeds Monthly Volume Limit The monthly volume limit has been reached. Please change the configuration in the console if you want to send more messages.
isv.FORBIDDEN_ACTION Illegal operation Please ensure the status of your account is active.
SignatureDoesNotMatch Specified signature is not matched with our records. The specified signature does not match our records.
InvalidTimeStamp.Expired Specified time stamp or date value is expired. The time stamp is not within 15 minutes compared with the server time and has expired.
SignatureNonceUsed Specified signature nonce was used already. The SignatureNonce has already been used. This field is to prevent network attacks. A different service request should be assigned with a unique SignatureNonce.
InvalidVersion Specified parameter version is not valid. The version of the interface is wrong.
InvalidAction.NotFound Specified api was not found, please check your url and method The name of the interface is wrong. Please check and make sure the name of the interface is correct.