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Last Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Input Parameters

Parameter Type O/M Sample Value Description
PhoneNumbers String Mandatory 452220121 1. Supports batch calling using a comma to separate phone numbers. The maximum batch size is 1,000 phone numbers.
2. The format of a phone number: Country Code + Phone Number
ContentCode String Mandatory SMS_0000 This code is to identify different SMS content created in the GUI console.
SignName String Mandatory or Optional XXCompany The Signature will be attached to each message you send, and it is Mandatory when you send SMS to China Mainland, but it is Optional when you send to other countries/regions.
ContentParam String Optional {“code”:”1234”,”product”:”ytx”} The Parameter Value expressed in JSON format. You must follow JSON protocol for value expression.
ExternalId String Optional abcdefgh This ID is reserved for Application Developers in order to unique identify serial numbers of SMS sending requests.

Output Parameters

Name Type Sample Value Description
RequestId String 8906582E-6722 The serial number generated by calling an SMS Send API
ResultCode String OK This code indicates whether the SMS Send request is accepted by Alibaba Platform or has not been accepted.“OK” indicates the request is accepted.Other codes indicate different errors. The details please go to the Result Code list.
ResultMessage String successfully accepted The description of different message results.
BizId String 134523^4351232 The ID generated by Alibaba Cloud in order to uniquely identify the serial numbers of SMS sending requests.