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Last Updated: Nov 22, 2019

SMS packages

Users can use Alibaba Cloud SMS after they have purchased SMS packages.

When the SMS package has been consumed, the service becomes unavailable. Messages delivered in excess of the SMS package will be billed to your account.

An email notification is sent when only 500 messages are left in your SMS package. This is sent to the email that you have registered with your Alibaba Cloud SMS account.

Message length calculation

Available resources refer to the number of messages that you can send with the SMS package. Each message contains a maximum of 140 bytes of message data.

Relationship between character size and byte:

  1. Each English letter or decimal digit uses one byte.
  2. Each character from other languages uses two bytes.

Longer messages that contain more than 140 bytes of data are automatically segmented into multiple smaller messages of 137 bytes of data.

Billing standard

You are billed based on messages submitted and accepted by our platform. Messages accepted by our platform as sent over to our suppliers and operators for delivery.