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Last Updated: Nov 18, 2019

What is Alibaba SMS

Short Message Service (SMS) is a messaging service that Alibaba Cloud provides for global users. You can call API operations to send verification codes, notifications, and marketing messages. SMS delivered 600 million messages to 200 million users during the Alibaba 11/11 Global Shopping Festival.

Alibaba Cloud SMS guarantees carrier-grade operations and maintenance ( O&M), mointors performance of SMS channels in real time, enables automatic channels in real times, enables automatic channel switch to achieve a stable delivery rate. Alibaba Cloud shall make its best effort to ensure that during any given month, our platform’s availability is 99.9% outside of maintenance windows.


Intelligent scheduling

Based on the capacity and delivery rate of each SMS channel, Alibaba Cloud SMS can select the best channel in real time to ensure that your message reaches its destination in time.

Simple integration

You do not have to deploy and maintain your own messaging service. Alibaba Cloud SMS provides software development kits (SDKs) for Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, and C#.

Global coverage

Alibaba Cloud SMS covers more than 200 countries and regions.

Regulation of SenderId

  • New Go Globe API support SenderId through From parameter, not mandatory;
  • SenderID supports alphanumeric/symbol/space, up to 11 digits with alphanumeric characters, and 15 digits for pure digits;
  • SenderId can be delivered in countries that support dynamic SenderId, but in countries that do not support dynamic SenderId, it will be replaced with the default SenderId. If you need your customized SenderId, you can apply it through our ticket system.


Message content

Outgoing messages and URLs are supported.You can create templates for different types of messages such as verification codes, notifications, and marketing messages.

Intelligent delivery

  • Longer messages that contain more than 140 bytes are automatically segmented into multiple smaller messages during delivery. These segments are then reassembled at the receiving end.

  • Different types of messages are prioritized by implementing Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure that important messages are sent in time. For example, a high priority is assigned to messages containing verification codes. Marketing messages are low-priority.

  • Based on the performance of each SMS channel, the best channel can be selected in real time to achieve the highest SMS delivery rate.

Delivery management

You can configure the message sending frequency for specified phone numbers to provide optimal customer experience.To ensure account security and to control the budget, you can set a threshold that either triggers an alert or suspends message sending when a specified number of messages have been sent.

Usage analysis

Sent messages and the causes of delivery failures are displayed in the console in real time.The usage of the SMS package can be displayed in the console.Reports on message sending details can be provided in the console.

SenderId Support

New Go Globe API support SenderId submission subject to local telco regulation. For more information, please check the regulation of SenderId and Frequently Asked Questions.