The Data Service currently supports faster generation of tables from relational and neosql databases through a visually configured wizard mode. data API, you don't need to have the ability to code to configure a data API in a matter of minutes. To meet the personalized query requirements of advanced users, Data Service provides the custom SQL script mode to allow you compile the API query SQL statements by yourself. It also supports multi-table association, complex query conditions, and aggregate functions.

The functions of the wizard mode and the script mode are listed as follows:
Features Features Wizard mode Script Mode
Query object Query a single data table from one data source Supported Supported
Query multiple joined tables from one data source No Supported
Filter bar Query for an exact number Supported Supported
Query for a range of numbers No Supported
Match an exact string Supported Supported
Fuzzy search for strings Supported Supported
Set required and optional parameters Supported Supported
Query results Return the field value Supported Supported
Return a mathematical calculation of field values No Supported
Return an aggregate calculation of field values No Supported
Display results with pagination Supported Supported