The data services related words are explained below.
  • Data sources: database links. Data Service accesses data through data sources. Data sources can only be configured in Data Integration.
  • Create APIs: create APIs based on data tables.
  • Register APIs: register existing APIs to Data Service for central management.
  • Wizard: guides you through the procedure of API creation. This method is suitable for beginners who want to create simple APIs. You do not need to write any code.
  • Script: allows you to create APIs by writing SQL scripts. This method supports table join queries, complex queries, and aggregate functions. This method is suitable for experienced developers who want to create complex APIs.
  • API groups: an API group is a set of APIs for a certain scenario or for consuming a specific service. API groups are the smallest group units in Data Service, as well as the smallest units managed by API Gateway. API groups are published in Alibaba Cloud API Market as API products.
  • API Gateway: a service provided by Alibaba Cloud to manage APIs. API Gateway supports API subscription duration management, permission management, access management, and traffic control.
  • API Market: Alibaba Cloud API Market is the most complete and integrated domestic API trading platform established on Alibaba Cloud Market.