Log Service provides the external storage feature. You can use this feature to associate Log Service with MySQL databases or Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS). This topic describes the scenarios and benefits of the external storage feature of Log Service.


When you analyze data, you may need to obtain the data from separate storage resources. For example, data of user operations and user behavior is stored in Log Service, while data of user properties, registration, funds, and props is stored in a database. In this scenario, you need to classify and separately analyze the data and then write the analysis results to the report system of the database.

To do this, you can migrate data to a centralized storage system and then analyze the data. However, the migration process is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Data must be cleansed and formatted during a migration and network resources are consumed. The external storage API operations provided by Log Service offer the following features:
  • Defines mappings between data in external stores and data in data sources. Data migration is not required.
  • Provides a unified query engine. You can use JOIN statements to jointly query log data in Log Service and data in external data sources.
  • Allows you to store query results in external data sources.


  • Cost-effective
    • Cut the data migration cost. Data stored in different storage systems has different formats. The API operations that you can call to manage data also vary depending on the storage system. This requires that data must be converted before it is migrated from a system to another system. The external storage feature of Log Service does not require data migration.
    • Cut the data maintenance cost. If you migrate data, you must update and maintain the data at the earliest opportunity.
  • Convenient
    • You can use SQL statements to query data and obtain the query results within seconds.
    • You can add charts to a dashboard and view the charts when you open the dashboard.

Supported external data sources

The external storage feature of Log Service allows you to associate Log Service with a MySQL database or Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS). The following table describes the supported external data sources.

External data source name Read data from the external data source Write data to the external data source Method to create an external store Region
MySQL Supported Supported API, SDK, and CLI All regions
OSS Supported Supported SQL create table All regions