The endpoint of Container Registry API operations is cr.{regionId}.aliyuncs.com. For more information, see Region list.

User information

API operation Description
CreateUserInfo Creates user information.
UpdateUserInfo Updates user information.

Region management

API operation Description
GetRegionList Queries regions.

Namespace management

API operation Description
CreateNamespace Creates a new namespace.
DeleteNamespace Deletes an existing namespace. After you delete a namespace, all repositories in the namespace and all images in the repositories are deleted.
UpdateNamespace Updates the basic information about a namespace.
GetNamespace Queries the detailed information about a specified namespace.
GetNamespaceList Queries namespaces.

Image repository management

API operation Description
CreateRepo Creates a new repository.
DeleteRepo Deletes an existing repository. After you delete a repository, all images in the repository are deleted.
UpdateRepo Updates the basic information about a repository, including the repository type, summary, and description.
GetRepoTag Queries the information about an image.
GetRepo Queries the detailed information about a repository.
GetRepoList Queries the information about repositories.
GetRepoListByNamespace Queries the information about repositories in a specified namespace.
GetRepoTags Queries the information about images in a repository.
GetRepoSourceRepo Queries the source code repository and image build settings of an image repository.
GetRepoTagScanList Queries the results of a security scan that is created for an image version.
GetRepoTagScanStatus Queries the scanning status of an image version.
GetRepoTagScanSummary Queries the number of vulnerabilities for each severity level. These vulnerabilities are detected in a security scan that is created for an image version.

Image management

API operation Description
DeleteImage Deletes an image version. An image version cannot be recovered after it is deleted.
GetImageManifest Queries the manifest information about an image.
GetImageLayer Queries the layer information about an image.
StartImageScan Scans an image.

Image build

API operation Description
CancelRepoBuild Cancels an image build task for a repository.
CreateRepoBuildRule Creates an image build rule for a repository.
DeleteRepoBuildRule Deletes an image build rule of a repository.
GetRepoBuildList Queries image build records of a repository.
GetRepoBuildRuleList Queries image build rules of a repository.
GetRepoBuildStatus Queries the status of an image build task in a repository.
StartRepoBuildByRule Creates an image build task in a repository based on the build rules of the repository.
UpdateRepoBuildRule Updates a build rule of a repository.

Webhook management

API operation Description
CreateRepoWebhook Creates a webhook for a repository.
DeleteRepoWebhook Deletes a webhook of a repository.
GetRepoWebhook Queries webhooks of a repository.
UpdateRepoWebhook Updates a webhook for a repository.

Access credential management

API operation Description
GetAuthorizationToken Returns the temporary account and password that are used to log on to the Container Registry console. The temporary password is valid for one hour. If you send a Security Token Service (STS) request, the temporary password is valid within the validity period of the STS token.