This topic describes common questions and answers about Anti-DDoS Origin.

What is the difference between the billing method for the unlimited protection of Anti-DDoS Origin and the billing method for the elastic protection of Anti-DDoS Pro?

  • Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise provides unlimited protection. When DDoS attacks are detected, Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise automatically uses all the protection capacity of a region where an instance resides to defend against the DDoS attacks. Unlimited protection is included in the Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise protection plan. You do not need to pay additional fees for unlimited protection.
  • You are charged for the peak bandwidth that is used for the daily elastic protection.

What can I do if a black hole is activated for a protected IP address?

You can use Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise to deactivate the black hole.

What can I do if I selected the wrong region when I purchased an Anti-DDoS Origin instance?

If the IP that you want to protect is not in the same region as the purchased Anti-DDoS Origin instance, you can submit a ticket to apply for a refund. After you receive the refund, you can purchase a new instance.