Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch allows you to search and view multiple types of logs, including the Elasticsearch instance log, search slow log, indexing slow log, and GC log. You can search for specific log entries by entering keywords and setting a time range.

You can query log entries generated in seven days in a row. By default, the log entries are displayed by time in descending order. The Lucene query syntax is supported. For more information, see Query string syntax.

Note Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch can return up to 10,000 log entries upon each query. If the returned log entries do not contain the expected log data, you can specify a time range when you query the log data.


This example searches the Elasticsearch instance log. Log entries are returned if they meet all of these conditions: the content contains the health keyword, the level is info, and the host is 172.16.xx.xx.

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch console and open the instance management page.
  2. Choose Logs > Instance Log.
  3. Enter the query string into the search box. Enter the query string into the search box.

    In this example, the query string is host:10.8.xx.xx AND content:health AND level:info.

    Notice AND in the query string must be uppercase.
  4. Select a start date and end date, and then click Search.
    • If you do not select an end date, the current system time is specified as the end date.
    • If you do not select a start date, the start date is the time 1 hour earlier than the end time.
    After you click Search, Elasticsearch returns the log entries that match your query string and displays them on the current page. The returned log data contains the following information: Time, Node IP, and Content.Log query results
    • Time: the time when the log entry was generated.
    • Node IP: the IP address of the node.
    • Content: includes level, host, time, and content.
      Field Description
      level The level of the log entry. Log levels include trace, debug, info, warn, and error. The GC log does not contain the level field.
      host The IP address of the node.
      Note To query the IP addresses of the nodes, log on to the Kibana console, open the Monitoring page, and click Nodes under Elasticsearch.
      time The time when the log entry was generated.
      content The content of the log entry.