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Create a project

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2019

In the Intelligent Speech Interaction console, you can upload corpora, train models, and publish models to quickly update models and improve the recognition accuracy. This topic describes how to create a project in the Intelligent Speech Interaction console.

Before using Intelligent Speech Interaction services, you must register an Alibaba Cloud account and activate Intelligent Speech Interaction. Then, log on to the Intelligent Speech Interaction console.When logging on to the console for the first time, you are automatically redirected to the Alibaba Cloud logon page. You will return to the console homepage after logon.

After you log on to the console, the All Projects > Overview page is displayed as the homepage by default. Because you have not created any projects, no project is displayed under My Projects on the right.

Page displayed upon frist logon

Click Create Project on the page. The Create Project dialog box appears.

Click Create Project

As shown in the following figure, enter the project name (required) and scenario description (optional), and click Save.

Create a project

You can view the newly created project on the page. The project appkey is required for you to call Intelligent Speech Interaction services through an SDK.

Project overview

By default, the universal model is selected. You can select other suitable models based on the scenarios. Click Publish for the project to take effect.

Publish the project

The currently available services are speech recognition (including short sentence recognition and real-time speech recognition) and speech synthesis. Click the microphone icon on the right to test the services.

The speech recognition and speech synthesis services provide default values for parameters. For more information about how to modify parameter values, see Manage projects.

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