This article describes how to create an f3 instance.

Note Due to limited computing resources, we recommend that you use instances with at least four cores, such as instance type family g5-ecs.g5.2xlarge (8 vCPU core, 32 GiB). Create an f3 instance when you need to download the image to the FPGA chipset.


Open a ticket to request a free f3 instance for testing. This instance type is currently in public beta release.


For more information about how to create an f3 instance, see Create an instance by using the wizard. However, the following configurations are recommended:

  • Billing Method: Select Pay-As-You-Go or Subscription.
    • During the testing phase, f3 instances are available for free. Other ECS resources including cloud disks, public network bandwidth, and snapshots will incur usage fees.
    • f3 instances are not available as preemptible instances.
  • Region: Select China East 2 (Shanghai).
  • Instance Type: Select Heterogeneous Computing > FPGA Compute, and then select your required instance type.
  • Image: Click Shared Image, and then select the specified image.
    Note A Xilinx image is available for use (recommended). The image is only available as a Shared image. To obtain the image, open a ticket.
  • System Disk: Allocate a 200 GiB Ultra Cloud Disk for the system image.
  • Network: Select VPC.

Best practices

Use OpenCL on an f3 instance

Use RTL compiler on an f3 instance