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Last Updated: May 19, 2020

Billing method

PrivateZone supports the pay-as-you-go billing method. You are billed by the number of private zones created and the number of queries
on a daily basis. If you delete a private zone within the same day when you create the zone, you will not be charged.

Billing rules

Billing item Billing standard Description
Private zones USD 0.015 per zone Each zone under an Alibaba Cloud account is charged USD 0.015 per day.
Queries USD 0.004 per 10,000 queries For every 10,000 billable queries that the Domain Name System (DNS) server processes each day, you will be charged USD 0.004. Queries for the same domain name are only billed after the specified TTL expires.


  • You add three private zones to account A, namely,, and inner.example.local.

  • The DNS server receives 64,131 billable queries from the three private zones in account A in one day.
  • Account A is charged USD 0.071 in total for that day, that is, USD 0.045 for the usage of the three private zones and USD 0.026 for resolving the queries. Specifically, the fee for resolving the queries is calculated as follows: Divide 64131 by 1000. The result is 6.4131. Round 6.4131 to 6.41 and then multiply the number by 0.004. The result is rounded to 0.026.

Note: Queries for the same domain name within the specified TTL are free of charge.

For example, if the TTL for the domain name is set to 30 seconds and 1,000 DNS queries are sent per second, all queries within this TTL are free of charge. The one query sent after the specified TTL expires is billed and all subsequent queries sent within a new TTL are for free.

You can view the total number of billable queries on the Request Analysis page in the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.


  • A longer TTL leads to fewer billable queries and incurs lower charges. However, it takes longer for the change of IP address for a domain name within the corresponding TTL to take effect.
  • A shorter TTL leads to more billable queries and incurs higher charges. However, the change of IP address for a domain name within the corresponding TTL can take effect more quickly.

Overdue bills

  • The PrivateZone service will be suspended 24 hours after you receive an overdue bill notice. The system will stop billing when the PrivateZone service is suspended.

  • Your PrivateZone service remains unaffected if you add funds to your account within 24 hours after receiving an overdue bill notice.

  • Your private zones will be retained for seven days after you receive an overdue bill notice. If you do not add funds to your account after the seven-day grace period ends, these private zones will be automatically released. You will receive a message or an e-mail notification one day before the private zones are released. The private zone configurations and data that have been released are permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

  • If you add funds to your account within seven days, the service will automatically resume.