If you find that text moderation results returned by Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation are incorrect, you can call an operation to provide feedback.


Operation: /green/text/feedback. You can call this operation to give feedback on the result of a text moderation task.

Request parameters

For more information about the common request parameters that must be included in all Content Moderation API requests, see Common request parameters.

The request body is a JSON array. The following table describes the parameters that each element of the JSON array contains.
Parameter Type Required Description
taskId String Yes The ID returned by the Content Moderation server, which uniquely identifies the moderation task.
dataId String No The ID of the moderated text, which you specify in the dataId parameter of the moderation request.
content String No The content of the moderated text. Each piece of text can be up to 10,000 characters in length.
label String No The expected category of moderation results for the moderated text in the specified moderation scenario. For more information about valid values, see Parameters scenes and label of the /green/text/scan operation.
Note If you set the label parameter to normal, the system adds the text to the whitelist of the feedback-based text library in the Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation console. If you set the label parameter to a value other than normal, the system adds the text to the blacklist of the feedback-based text library.
note String No The description of the moderated text, such as the keywords in the text.

Response parameters

For more information about common response parameters that this operation returns, see Common response parameters.

The data parameter in the response body is empty.


Sample requests
  "dataId": "test7fcmzGkKbNp7@JqPQRnwIe-1mwwZX", 
  "taskId": "taskid xxx", 
  "content": "foobar", 
  "label": "spam",
  "note": "blabla ..."
Sample success responses
  "msg": "OK", 
  "code": 200, 
  "requestId": "02C418E7-81D4-4375-9732-900B64D07CEE"