If you find that video moderation results returned by Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation are incorrect, you can call an operation to provide feedback. Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation will optimize the algorithm model based on your feedback.


Operation: /green/video/feedback

You can call this operation to give feedback on the result of a video moderation task and provide your expected result.
Note You are not charged for calling this operation.

Request parameters

For more information about the common request parameters that must be included in all Content Moderation API requests, see Common request parameters.

The request body is a JSON object. The following table describes the parameters that the JSON object contains.

Parameter Type Required Description
taskId String Yes The ID returned by the Content Moderation server, which uniquely identifies the moderation task.
dataId String No The ID of the moderated video, which you specify in the dataId parameter of the moderation request.
url String No The URL of the moderated video, which you specify in the moderation request. If you have not specified the video URL in the moderation request, do not specify this parameter here.
suggestion String No The moderation result you expect to return. Valid values:
  • pass: The video is normal.
  • block: The video contains violations.
scenes String array No The scenario of video moderation. Valid values:
  • porn: pornography detection
  • terrorism: terrorist content detection
  • ad: ad violation detection
Note You can specify multiple moderation scenarios. For example, you can specify both porn and terrorism in the scenes parameter to indicate pornography detection and terrorist content detection scenarios.
frames JSON array Yes The information about captured frames that you consider to be in the detected category. Each element in the JSON array of the frames parameter is a structure. For more information about the structure of each element, see frame.
Table 1. frame
Parameter Type Required Description
url String Yes The URL of the captured frame.
offset Integer Yes The interval between the start of the video and the captured frame. Unit: seconds.
note String No The description of the captured frame.

Response parameters

For more information about common response parameters that this operation returns, see Common response parameters.

The data parameter in the response body is empty.


Sample requests
  "taskId":"taskId xxx",
  "dataId":"dataId xxx",
  "suggestion": "block",
  "note": "blabla"
Sample success responses
  "code": 200, 
  "msg": "OK", 
  "requestId": "EE5A1189-4D7B-4C24-AD78-4C1FAA3E7A0C"