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Last Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Call the Content Moderation API

For more information about the API parameters, see the following interface documents. The results returned by the API can be directly displayed on your moderation platform. This section only introduces the “suggestion” parameter in the returned results.

  1. A control interface, such as an interface used to detect adult, violent, terrorist, or political content, provides a “suggestion” parameter in each returned result. This parameter indicates the suggested handling solution and reflects the operation algorithm performance. You can handle the result according to this parameter. If the suggestion is “block”, the content is regarded illegal, and you are recommended to delete it. If it is “review”, the content cannot be automatically identified and requires a human review. If it is “normal”, the content is a normal image and requires no extra handling.
  • Smart Pornographic Image Identification API

SDK usage and sample code:

  • Sample code download
  • java
  • php
  • python
  • Other languages


  • By default, every user can call the API a maximum of 600 times every minute and detect up to 50 images every second. If you want to adjust the numbers, contact us with a ticket.
  • During your application of the Content Moderation API of the Alibaba Cloud Content Security, if the QPS of an API call operation from a single IP address exceeds 100, contact us with a ticket.
  • If you have massive images to be scanned, contact us with a ticket to enjoy more preferential prices.
  • If you want more content moderation services, you can also contact us with a ticket.