Query available regions.

Request parameters

Name Parameters Required Description
Action String  Yes

The action to perform.  Valid value:


AcceptLanguage String  No The language of the response. Value:
  • zh-CN (Default): Chinese
  • en-US: English

Response parameters

Name Type Description
RequestId String The ID of the request.
Regions List A list of regions.
Table 1. Region
Name  Type Description
RegionId String The ID of the region.
Localname String The name of the region.
RegionEndpoint String The service endpoint of the region.


Request example

Response example

XML format

<? xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ? > 
		<LocalName>China (Qingdao)</LocalName>
		<LocalName>Germany (Frankfurt)</LocalName>

JSON format

    "RequestId": "2F026E79-30AD-47B6-9E7D-D1D4BA77F1F1", 
    "Regions": {
        "Region": [
                "RegionId": "cn-qingdao", 
                "RegionEndpoint": "vpc.aliyuncs.com", 
                "LocalName": "China (Qingdao)"
                "RegionId": "eu-central-1", 
                "RegionEndpoint": "vpc.eu-central-1.aliyuncs.com", 
                "LocalName": "Germany (Frankfurt)"