Call this operation to update a specified topic category.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
Action String Yes The operation that you want to perform. Set the value to UpdateProductTopic.
TopicId Long Yes The ID of the topic category that you want to update.
TopicShortName String No

The custom hierarchy in the topic category. The format of a topic category is productKey/ ${deviceName} /topicShortName. By default, a topic category contains two system-defined category hierarchies: productKey and ${deviceName} . Forward slashes (/) are used to delimit the topic hierarchies.

Note Each category hierarchy can contain English letters, digits, and underscores (_), and cannot be empty.
Operation String No

The operation that devices can perform on the topics of this category. Value options:

SUB : Subscribe. Devices can subscribe to the topics of this category.

PUB : Publish. Devices can publish messages using the topics of this category.

ALL : Subscribe and publish. Devices can subscribe to and publish messages to the topics of this category.

Desc String No The description of the topic category. You can enter a description with up to 100 characters.
Common Request Parameters - Yes See Common parameters.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
RequestId String The globally unique ID generated by Alibaba Cloud for the request.
Success Boolean Indicates whether the call is successful. A value of true indicates that the call is successful. A value of false indicates that the call has failed.
ErrorMessage String The error message returned when the call fails.
Code String The error code returned when the call fails. For more information about error codes, see Error codes.


Request example
&Desc=resubmit a test topic
&Public Request Parameters

Response example