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Last Updated: Apr 13, 2018
  • How to upload data?
    To upload data from the Machine Learning Platform For AI web interface, make sure that the data is less than 20 MB. To upload data that is greater than 20 MB, you must download the MaxCompute client and then use the tunnel command.
  • How to set the algorithm parameters?
    To set the algorithm parameters, drag an algorithm component to the canvas and click the component. The corresponding parameters are displayed on the right-side pane.
  • How to view the experiment results?
    If Machine Learning Platform For AI has successfully run a component, it marks the component with a green check. You can right-click a component with a green check to view data or evaluation results.
  • How to view and download the model generated from an experiment?
    To generate a model, you must first select Setting > General > Auto-generate PMML from the left-side navigation pane. After successfully running an experiment, you can select Model from the left-side navigation pane to check the corresponding model. To view the model parameters, right-click the model. To download a model, right-click the model and select Download PMML.
  • What is PMML?
    PMML is a standard model description file. A PMML file downloaded from Machine Learning Platform For AI can be applied to open-source engines, such as Spark.
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