This topic describes how to configure a word cloud to display query results. It also includes examples.

Background information

A word cloud visualizes text data. It is a cloud-like and colored image composed of words. You can use a word cloud to display a large amount of text data. The font size or color of a word indicates the significance of the word. This allows you to recognize the most significant words in an efficient way.

The words in a word cloud are sorted.


  1. On the Search & Analysis page of a Logstore, enter a search and analytics statement in the search box, specify the time range, and then click Search & Analyze.
    The Chart tab is automatically displayed when a query is completed.
  2. Click Word cloud - 001 to display the query results in a word cloud.
  3. On the Properties tab on the right, configure the properties of the table.
    Configuration item Description
    Word Column The words to be displayed.
    Value Column The number of occurrences of a word.
    Font Size The font size of a word.
    • The minimum font size ranges from 10 pixels to 24 pixels.
    • The maximum font size ranges from 50 pixels to 80 pixels.


To query the distribution of hostnames in NGINX logs, run the following statement:

* | select hostname, count(1) as count group by hostname order by count desc limit 1000

Select hostname for Word Column and count for Value Column.