Word cloud is the visual representation of text data, uses words to form a colorful graph similar to a cloud, and is used to display large amounts of text data. The font size or color is determined by the significance of the word, which allows you to perceive the weight of some keywords quickly.

Basic components

The word cloud shows you the words after being computed and sorted.

Configuration items

Configuration item Description
Word column The words to be displayed.
Value column The value corresponding to each word.
Font size Adjust the font size range properly to apply to the canvas.
  • Maximum font size (50–80 px)
  • Minimum font size (12–24 px)
Padding The distance between the coordinate axis and the graph boundary.
  1. 1.On the query page, enter the query statement in the search box, select the time interval, and then click Search.
  2. Click the Graph tab and select the word cloud undefined.
  3. Configure the graph properties.


Analyze the distribution of the hostnames in the Nginx logs:

* | select hostname, count(1) as count group by hostname order by count desc limit 1000

Select hostname as the Word Column and count as the Value Column.