The number chart, as the easiest and most intuitive display type of data, shows the data on a point clearly and intuitively, and is generally used to indicate the key information on a time point.  Log Service number chart automatically normalizes the numeric values. For example, 230000 is processed as 230K. To customize the numeric format, you must do it in the real-time analysis phase (for more information, see Mathematical calculation functions).

Basic components

  • Main text 
  • Unit (optional)
  • Description (optional)

Configuration items

Configuration item  Description 
Value column  By default, the first line of data in this column is displayed.
Color The color in the number chart, including:
  • Font color
  • Background color
Text The attribute configurations related to the text, including:
  • Font size (12–100 px)
  • Unit
  • Unit font size (12–100 px)
  • Description
  • Description font size (12–100 px)


  1. On the query page, enter the query statement in the search box, select the time interval, and then click Search
  2. Click the Graph tab and select the number chart (). 
  3. Configure the graph properties.
    Log Service Number chart automatically normalize the data. For example, 230000 is processed as 230K, if you want to define your own numeric format, see Mathematical calculation functions.


Execute the following query analysis statement to view the number of visits. 

* | select
Figure 1. Number chart