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Last Updated: Apr 17, 2018


Historical task information.




Type Name Description
String TaskType Task type, which has the following enumerated values:
  • CHG_HOLDER: Modify the registrant’s information.
  • CHG_DNS: Modify DNS information.
  • SET_WHOIS_PROTECT: Set privacy protection.
  • UPDATE_ADMIN_CONTACT: Modify the administrator information.
  • UPDATE_BILLING_CONTACT: Modify the payers information.
  • UPDATE_TECH_CONTACT: Modify the technician information.
  • SET_UPDATE_PROHIBITED: Set the domain name security lock.
  • SET_TRANSFER_PROHIBITED: Set the domain name transfer lock.
  • ORDER_ACTIVATE: Create a registration order.
  • ORDER_RENEW: Create a renewal order.
  • ORDER_REDEEM: Create a redemption order.
  • CREATE_DNSHOST: Create a DNS host.
  • UPDATE_DNSHOST: Update a DNS host.
  • UPDATE_REGISTRANT_CONTACT: Modify the registration contact.
  • DELETE_DOMAIN: Delete domain name.
  • SYNC_DNSHOST: Synchronize DNS host information.
Integer TaskNum Number of domain names in the task.
String TaskStatus Task status, which has the following values:
  • WAITING_EXECUTE: The task is waiting for execution.
  • EXECUTING: The task is being executed.
  • COMPLETE: The has been executed.
String TaskStatusCode The task status code, which has the following values:
  • 1: awaiting execution.
  • 2: execution in progress.
  • 3: execution complete.
String CreateTime Task creation time.
String CreateTimeLong Task creation time.
String Clientip IP address of the user who submits the task.
String TaskNo Task ID.
String TaskTypeDescription Description of the task type.