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Last Updated: Apr 17, 2018


The SaveBatchTaskForUpdatingContactInfoByNewContact API submits tasks to modify domain name information by creating new contact information. You can use the QueryTaskDetailList API to query the task execution result.

Request parameters

For more information about public request parameters, see Public parameters.

Parameter Type Required Description
Action String Yes The API name, a required parameter. Set this parameter to SaveBatchTaskForUpdatingContactInfoByNewContact.
DomainName DomainListType Yes Domain name list.
ContactType String Yes Contact type, which has the following enumerated values: registrant, tech, admin, and billing.
TransferOutProhibited Boolean No Whether to add a transfer out prohibition. This parameter takes effect only when ContactType is set to registrant, and indicates whether the domain name can be transferred 60 days after the registrant modifies the domain name. The value of the parameter defaults to false, that is, transfer is allowed.
Lang String No Language of the error message returned from the API, which has the following enumerated values: zh (Chinese) and en (English). The default value is en.
RegistrantName String Yes Contact name.
RegistrantOrganization String Yes Registrant’s name.
Province String Yes Province.
City String Yes City.
Address String Yes Street address.
Country String Yes Country code, such as CN or US.
Email String Yes Email.
PostalCode String Yes Zip code.
TelArea String Yes Country dialing code.
Telephone String Yes Phone number.
TelExt String Yes Extension number.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
RequestId String Unique request identifier.
TaskNo String Task ID.

Error code

Error code Description HTTP status code Semantics
ParameterIllegal Parameter illegal. 400 Parameter error.
NetworkIOError Network IO Error. 400 Network I/O exception.
DomainNotExist The domain name does not exist. 400 The domain name does not exist.
TaskIsBeingProcessed An operation is being processed. Please try again later. 400 An action is being processed for the domain name. Try again later.


Request example

  2. &Address=Rd. xitucheng
  3. &City=Bei jing
  4. &Country=CN
  5. &
  6. &PostalCode=10000
  7. &Province=Bei jing
  8. &RegistrantName=zhang san
  9. &RegistrantOrganization=zhang san
  10. &RegistrantType=1
  11. &TelArea=86
  12. &Telephone=13800000000
  13. &TelExt=01
  14. &
  15. &
  16. &ContactType=registrant
  17. &AddTransferLock=true
  18. &<Public request parameter>

Response example

  • XML format
  1. <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
  2. <SaveBatchTaskForUpdatingContactInfoByRegistrantProfileIdResponse>
  3. <TaskNo>880f1579-be51-4dd3-a69d-test</TaskNo>
  4. <RequestId>EDC28FEC-6BE0-4583-95BC-test</RequestId>
  5. </SaveBatchTaskForUpdatingContactInfoByRegistrantProfileIdResponse>
  • JSON format
  1. {
  2. "requestId": "464AF466-CA8E-43A8-B61D-test",
  3. "taskNo": "65de2165-ca09-491f-9fe0-test"
  4. }