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Last Updated: Apr 17, 2018


The QueryTransferOutInfo API queries outbound domain name transfer information.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Sample value Description
DomainName String Yes test.com

Domain name.

Lang String No en

Language of the error message returned by the API, which has the following enumerated values: zh (Chinese) and en (English). The default value is en.

UserClientIp String No

User IP address.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Sample value Description
RequestId String BBEC5A50-DFDF-482E-8343-B4EB0105E055

The unique request ID.

Status Integer 8 Transfer status, with the following enumerated values:
  • 1: Verify mobile phone.
  • 2: Verify email.
  • 3: Obtained transfer authorization code.
  • 4: Transfer in progress (received registry transfer request).
  • 5: Transfer successful.
  • 8: Transfer failed.
Email String test@test.com

Address to which the transfer authorization code email is sent.

TransferAuthorizationCodeSendDate String 2018-04-13 19:57:56

Transfer authorization code retrieval time.

ExpirationDate String 2018-04-13 19:57:56

Time when the obtained transfer authorization code expires.

PendingRequestDate String 2018-04-13 19:57:56

Time when the registry transfer out request was received.

ResultCode String clientRejected

Code indicating the reason the transfer failed.

ResultMsg String Transfer out rejected

Description of the reason the transfer failed.


Request example

  1. /?Action=QueryTransferOutInfo
  2. &DomainName=test.com
  3. &<Public request parameter>

Normal response example

  • XML format
  1. <QueryTransferOutInfoResponse>
  2. <Status>3</Status>
  3. <RequestId>6F23B2C0-0355-4685-BB39-342956C5118B</RequestId>
  4. <TransferAuthorizationCodeSendDate>2018-03-29 19:57:56</TransferAuthorizationCodeSendDate>
  5. <ExpirationDate>2018-04-13 19:57:56</ExpirationDate>
  6. </QueryTransferOutInfoResponse>
  • JSON format
  1. {
  2. "ExpirationDate":"2018-04-13 19:57:56",
  3. "RequestId":"BBEC5A50-DFDF-482E-8343-B4EB0105E055",
  4. "Status":3,
  5. "TransferAuthorizationCodeSendDate":"2018-03-29 19:57:56"
  6. }

Abnormal response example

  • XML format
  1. <Error>
  2. <RequestId>8A7F0039-FB78-47B3-82F2-3FFEFC878A89</RequestId>
  3. <HostId>domain.aliyuncs.com</HostId>
  4. <Code>DomainNotExist</Code>
  5. <Message>The domain name does not exist.</Message>
  6. </Error>
  • JSON format
  1. {
  2. "Code":"DomainNotExist",
  3. "HostId":"domain.aliyuncs.com",
  4. "Message":"The domain name does not exist.",
  5. "RequestId":"DF5F9400-374F-4C25-9D2C-6FB928D00E50"
  6. }

Error code

See error codes of this product.

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