The SaveSingleTaskForCancelingTransferIn API submits tasks to cancel domain name transfer to Alibaba Cloud Domains. You can use the QueryTaskDetailList API to query the task execution result.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Sample value Description
DomainName String Yes Domain name.
Lang String No en Language of the error message returned by the API, which has the following enumerated values: zh (Chinese) and en (English). The default value is en.
UserClientIp String No User IP address.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Sample value Description
RequestId String 40F46D3D-F4F3-4CCB-AC30-2DD20E32E528 The unique request ID.
TaskNo String 3cb1adc3-20e8-44ae-9e76-e812fa6fc9d8 The task ID.


Request example

/? Action=SaveSingleTaskForCancelingTransferIn
&<Public request parameter>

Normal response example

  • XML format
  • JSON format

Abnormal response example

  • XML format
      <Message>An operation is being processed. Please try again later.</Message>
  • JSON format
        "Message":"An operation is being processed. Please try again later.",