Smart Access Gateway (SAG) provides two types of devices. Supported features of each type are listed in the following table. "√", "×", and "√*" respectively represent "supported", "not supported", and "supported only by SAG version 2.0".

Feature Function Description SAG-100WM SAG-1000
Basic connectivity Static IP addresses on ports Configures static IP addresses on ports.
WAN port PPPoE Accesses the Internet through dial-up connections provided by SAG devices. √*
4G support Accesses the Internet through 4G networks.

Built-in Long Term Evolution (LTE)


Built-in LTE

LAN ports support Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Newly established private networks automatically obtain IP addresses. √*
Wi-Fi support Local devices connect to Alibaba Cloud through Wi-Fi connections. ×
Static routing Existing private networks connect to Alibaba Cloud through static routing.
OSPF Supports the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol. √*
BGP Supports the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). √*
Internet SNAT Allows private networks to access the Internet when SAG devices are deployed in inline mode. √*
Cross-region access to Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Private networks can access VPC networks from different regions.
Access control lists (ACLs) Allows or denies access to the Internet or private networks based on permission rules.
Parameter Zero touch provisioning (ZTP) Supports ZTP in the deployment of SAG. √*
Deployment modes of SAG devices Inline mode New private networks connect to Alibaba Cloud through SAG devices. All traffic is transmitted through SAG devices. √*
One-arm mode Private networks connect to Alibaba Cloud through SAG devices, without changing the existing network topology.
High availability (HA) Standby network connections provided by leased lines SAG devices can be connected to existing leased lines, which provide standby network connections.
Supports active and standby networks: WAN and 4G networks An SAG device uses broadband or 4G networks to access the Internet. Available soon
Active and standby devices When an error occurs to the active device, network connections are switched to the standby device to ensure the continuity of workloads.
Security VPN encryption Supports encrypted VPN connections.
ACLs Supports access control lists (ACLs).
Offline device locking Locks devices that are offline for a long time to prevent theft.
Operations and maintenance Remote restart Restarts a device remotely in the console.
Remote software updates Remotely updates the software version in the console.
Remote logons Logs on to the web console through a secure internal connection.
Traffic query Queries the usage of data.
Flow logs Records inbound and outbound traffic of SAG devices.
Monitoring Device monitoring Checks whether both the active and standby IPsec connections encounter an error.
Link monitoring Notifications are sent when an SAG device is online.