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Last Updated: Aug 13, 2018


Read MaxCompute Table

The Read MaxCompute Table component enables you to read data from MaxCompute tables. By default, the component only reads tables in the current project. To read a table from another project that you are authorized to access, join the project name and table name in the format of Project Name.Table Name, for example, tianchi_project.weibo_data.

After specifying a table, the system automatically reads structural information of the table. To view the structural information, click the Column Information tab. The component is unaware of any modifications (such as add or remove a column) made to a table that is already loaded to the component. To resolve this issue, reload the MaxCompute table by respecifying the table source.

If a partitioned table is input, the system automatically selects the Partition option for the table. You can then select or enter the partition parameters. Currently only one partition can be specified. If the Partition option is not selected or no partition name is specified, the system determines that a full table is input. The Partition option is unavailable if an unpartitioned table is input.

Read MaxCompute Table Input Field

You can create MaxCompute tables in the upper-left corner.


The Read MaxCompute Table component supports partitioned tables. However, the date format defined by this component is different than DataWorks.

To read partitioned tables, you must specify the date in the dt=@@{yyyyMMdd} format, where @@{yyyyMMdd} represents the date of the current day and @@{yyyyMMdd-1d} represents the day before the current day.

Write MaxCompute Table

The Write MaxCompute Table component enables you to write data to a MaxCompute table in current project or across projects.

However, the Write MaxCompute Table component does not support partitioned tables.