After you make an API request, an HTTP status code is returned. 2xx indicates that the request has succeeded; 4xx or 5xx indicates that an error occurred while processing the request. The response text is JSON formatted.

If you make the API request by using tools that are not provided by Alibaba Cloud, you can customize the response format in the request parameters.

In the example responses we present as follows, we use line breaks to separate the original whole line of text for readability.

Successful response example

XML example:

<? xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"? > 
<! --Result Root Node-->
    <! -- Return Request Tag -->
    <! -- Return Result Data -->

JSON example:

    "RequestId": "4C467B38-3910-447D-87BC-AC049166F216",
    /* Return Result Data */

Unsuccessful response example

After an error is encountered in an interface call, no result data will be returned. The caller can locate the error cause according to the error code and Public error codes corresponding to each interface.

When an error occurs in a call, the HTTP request will return an HTTP status code of 4xx or 5xx. The returned message body contains the specific error code and error message. The message body also contains a globally unique RequestId and the requested HostId. If the caller cannot find the cause of the error, he can contact AliCloud customer service and provide the HostId and RequestId to help us solve the problem as quickly as possible.

XML example (request expiration)

<Message>The input parameter "Timestamp" that is mandatory for processing this request is not supplied. </Message>

JSON example (request expiration)

"HttpStatus": 400
"Code": "IllegalTimestamp"
"Message": "The input parameter "Timestamp" that is mandatory for processing this request is not supplied."
"RequestId": "e85db688-a2d3-44ca-9790-4259f59e90d8"

Public error codes

Error code Error message HTTP status code
InternalFailure Internal Failure. 500
SerivceUnavailableTemporary Service Unavailable Temporary. 503
InvalidAccessKeyId.NotFound The AccessKey ID provided does not exist in our records. 404
Forbidden.KeyNotFound The specified Key is not found. 404
Forbidden.AliasNotFound The specified Alias is not found. 404
Forbidden.NoPermission This operation is forbidden by permission system. 403
Forbidden.AccessKey This AccessKey is not enabled. 403
UnsupportedHTTPMethod This http method is not supported. 403
Forbidden.UbsmsInvalidUserid Userid Invalid For Ubsms. 403
Forbidden.UbsmsInvalidBid Your account partner does not have KMS Service. 403
Forbidden.KmsServiceNotEnabled Kms service is not Enabled for current user. Please get access permission first. 403
Forbidden.ProhibitedByRiskControl Current user is Prohibited By Risk Control. 403
Forbidden.InDebtOverdue Current user is indebted Overdue. 403
Forbidden.InDebt Current user is indebted. 403
ParseRequestParameterException Server parse parameters exception. Please check your input params. 400
MissingParameter The parameter "< parameter name >" is needed but not provided. 400
InvalidParameter The specified parameter "< parameter name >" is not valid. 400
IncompleteSignature The request signature does not conform to Alibaba Cloud standards. 400
IllegalTimestamp The input parameter "Timestamp" that is required for processing this request is not supplied. 400
Rejected.LimitExceeded The request was rejected because user create resource limit was exceeded. 400
AliasAlreadyExists AliasName Already Exists. 400
InvalidKeyMaterial key material is invalid. 400
InvalidImportToken import token is invalid. 400
ExpiredImportToken import token is expired. 400
Unsupported.Origin This key origin is not valid for this api. 400
Unsupported.Alias Alias is not valid for this api. 400
Rejected.StateModifiedFailed Keystate modified failed. 409
Rejected.Disabled The request was rejected because the key state is Disabled. 409
Rejetced.PendingDeletion The request was rejected because the key state is PendingDeletion. 409
Rejected.PendingImport The request was rejected because the key state is PendingImport. 409