Which billing methods do DDHs support?

DDH supports the Subscription Subscription billing method. When you purchase DDH, you pay for the period of use, regardless of the resource use on DDH. For more information about the billing methods, see pricing overview.

Do I have to pay for the resources of an ECS instance when I create one on a DDH?

When you create an ECS instance on a DDH, you do not have to pay additional fees for the compute resources of the instance, including vCPU and memory, and local disks. However, you must pay for other ECS resources, such as cloud disks, public network bandwidth, and chargeable images. For more information about the billing methods of ECS, see pricing overview.

What can I do when my DDH expires? or my account is overdue?

When a Subscription DDH expires, you can renew it. For more information, see Subscription.

When your account is in outstanding payment, open a ticket to clear the payment.