You can learn the creation, billing, price range, and price affecting factors of DDH.

Purchase channels

You can purchase a DDH in the ECS console or via DDH API AllocateDedicatedHosts.

Chargeable resources

You pay for DDH resources, such as CPU, memory, and local disks, on the basis of period of use. The number of ECS instances created on a DDH does not affect billing.

When you create an ECS instance on a DDH, you only pay for the image, cloud disks, and network bandwidth. You do not pay for the local storage and computing resources, such as CPU and memory. For more information about the billing of ECS related resources, see billing of ECS resources on a DDH.

Billing methods

Subscription: Pay for a DDH before you use it. The DDH can be charged on a monthly or yearly basis.

Price affecting factors

The price of a DDH is influenced by the following factors:

  • Dedicated host types: The specifications of a DDH.
  • Region: The physical location of the data center where a DDH is located.