Using a DDH can cut the costs of migration to cloud and business deployment, and meet strict regulatory compliance requirements.

A DDH provides single-tenant running time based on the virtualized service platforms provided by Alibaba Cloud. It enables you to exercise full control over all the resources of a physical server and at the same time to benefit from the flexibility and elasticity of cloud services. All the ECS instances created on a DDH have the same features and performance as those on shared cloud hosting servers, which is easy for you to deploy and use. For more information about ECS, see what is ECS.

Compared to ECS on shared cloud hosting, ECS on DDH can bring the following benefits:

  • You do not have to share the resources of a physical server with other tenants.
  • High security can be guaranteed.
  • Your business can meet the strict regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • You can bring your own license to Alibaba Cloud.
  • You can deploy server clusters according to your own business requirements.

For more information, see the following table.

Item ECS on Dedicated Host ECS on shared cloud hosting
Isolation Physical isolation.

Resources are isolated on physical server level, including CPU, memory, and networking, which guarantees higher security.

Virtual isolation.

Resources are isolated on virtual machine level. Tenants share the host resources, such as networking and memory.

Regulatory compliance Strict regulatory compliance.

Dedicated Hosts provide you with further visibility and control by allowing the placement of instances on a specific, physical server and showing the physical attributes of the host, in order to meet the compliance and regulatory requirements for businesses in certain industries (for example, financial regulatory compliance).

Common regulatory compliance.

Multiple tenants share the resources of a physical server.

Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) Supported.

The machine serial number and the number of sockets and physical CPU cores are visible to you, which enables you to use your own software license on the cloud, saving your costs of migrating business to cloud.

Not supported.

Less visibility of physical server information.

Deployment flexibility Supports deploying applications on a specified physical server.

You can create ECS instances on a specified DDH, or migrate ECS instances from shared cloud hosting to DDH.

Supports deploying applications randomly.

You cannot specify a physical server to deploy applications.