Dedicated Host (DDH) allows you to migrate your businesses to the cloud with minimal costs while meeting compliance requirements.

DDH provides a dedicated runtime environment for a tenant based on the virtualization technology of Alibaba Cloud. It offers flexible and scalable services that enable you to exclusively use all resources of a physical server. ECS instances running on dedicated hosts have the same performance as those running on shared hosts. For more information about ECS, see What is ECS?.

DDH offers the following benefits:
  • Provides dedicated resources.
  • Improves business security.
  • Meets the strict compliance requirements.
  • Allows you to bring your own license (BYOL).
  • Enables the flexible deployment and migration of ECS instances.
  • Reduces the deployment cost of each ECS instance by offering the CPU overprovisioned dedicated host type. For more information about the CPU overprovisioned dedicated host type, see Dedicated host types.
The following table details the benifits of DDH.
Item Dedicated host-based ECS instance Shared host-based ECS instance

Physical isolation

Resources of a physical server, including CPU, memory, and networks, are isolated from other servers, which guarantees high security.

Virtual isolation

Users share server resources. Only resources of virtual machines on the physical server are isolated.


Meets the strict regulatory requirements.

DDH provides dedicated services to meet the needs of businesses that require strict supervision, such as financial businesses.

Does not meet the strict regulatory requirements.

Strict supervision cannot be achieved with multiple tenants sharing server resources.


Supports BYOL.

The server serial number, the number of CPU sockets, and the number of CPU cores of physical servers are available for viewing. You can bring your own licenses to the cloud, which reduces the migration cost.

Does not support BYOL.

Information of physical servers is not available.

Deployment and migration
  • Allows you to specify the dedicated host that runs ECS instances.

    You can specify the dedicated host when creating instances, migrating instances from a shared host to a dedicated host, or migrating instances between dedicated hosts.

  • Supports automatic deployment.

    If you enable the auto deployment feature, the system will automatically select a dedicated host that runs ECS instances.

The system automatically selects a shared host that runs ECS instances.

Disallows you to specify the dedicated host that runs ECS instances.