This topic describes how to create a monitoring dashboard and add charts to view the custom monitoring data.

Background information

CloudMonitor allows you to customize what monitoring data is reported, and process and display that data in charts on the dashboard.


Monitoring data is reported. For more information, see Report monitoring data.


Create a dashboard
  1. Log on to the CloudMonitor console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Dashboard > Custom Dashboard. The Dashboards page is displayed.
  3. Click Create Dashboard in the upper-right corner. In the dialog box that appears, enter a dashboard name, and click Create.

Add a chart
  1. On the Dashboards page, click Add View in the upper-right corner to go to the chart configuration page.
  2. Select a chart type from line chart, area chart, TopN table, heatmap, and pie chart.
  3. Click the Custom tab.

  4. On the Custom tab that appears, enter a chart name. Select the metrics, statistical methods, and dimensions to be displayed.
  5. Click Save. After saving these configurations, you can view the custom monitoring chart.