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Last Updated: Sep 04, 2018

Event type


Event description

If the automatic video merging function is enabled during the live stream recording process, the system automatically starts to merge the VoDs after the live streaming process ends (after the streaming process completes or times out). The system then generates a LiveRecordVideoComposeStart event. The event content includes the ID of the merged video. You must update the subsequent status of this ID.

Note: A live stream that is interrupted for more than three minutes is regarded as ended.

Event content

Name Type Description
EventTime String The time when the event occurs in UTC-8. Format: yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ.
EventType String The type of the event. The value is LiveRecordVideoComposeStart.
VideoId String The ID of the video.
Status String The status of the recording task. A value of success indicates that the recording task is successful. A value of fail indicates that the recording task has failed.
StreamName String The name of the live stream.
DomainName String The domain name.
AppName String The name of the application.

Callback example

The following example shows the body of an HTTP POST request for HTTP callbacks.

  1. {
  2. "EventTime": "2017-12-08T09:26:17Z",
  3. "EventType": "LiveRecordVideoComposeStart",
  4. "VideoId": "43q9fjasjdflask",
  5. "Status": "success",
  6. "StreamName": "xxx",
  7. "DomainName": "xxx",
  8. "AppName": "xxx",
  9. }