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Last Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Class name: com.aliyun.hitsdb.client.value.request.SubQuery

  • public class SubQuery
    extends Object
    • Builder details

      • SubQuery

        public SubQuery()
    • Method details

      • getAggregatorType

        public Aggregator getAggregatorType()
      • getAggregator

        public String getAggregator()
        Get the Aggregator
      • getMetric

        public String getMetric()
        Get the Metric name
      • getDownsample

        public String getDownsample()
        Get a downsample string
      • getRate

        public Boolean getRate()
        Get the Rate.
      • getTags

        public Map<String,String> getTags()
        Get the Tag key-value pair in the Map form
      • toJSON

        public String toJSON()
        Convert to JSON string
      • getFilters

        public List<Filter> getFilters()
        Get all Filter condition instances