The domain name management APIs can be used to buy, renew, redeem, and manage (including information modification, DNS modification, DNS creation, and information template management) domain names, and query domain name lists and domain name information.

Domain name management APIs

API Description
QueryDomainList Query the list of domain names under the current account.
QueryDomainByInstanceId Query the domain name information under the current account.
QueryContactInfo Query the contact information for the domain name.
QueryChangeLogList Query operation logs.
DeleteEmailVerification Delete an email address verification task.
VerifyEmail Verify email address.
ListEmailVerification Query the list of email address verification tasks.
ResendEmailVerification Resend the verification email.
SubmitEmailVerification Submit email address authentication list
SaveSingleTaskForCreatingOrderActivate Submit a domain name registration task.
SaveSingleTaskForCreatingOrderRenew Submit a domain name review task.
SaveBatchTaskForModifyingDomainDns Submit a bulk domain names DNS modification task.
SaveBatchTaskForUpdatingContactInfoByNewContact Submit a modifying registered contact information by new contact information task for bulk domain names.
SaveBatchTaskForCreatingOrderActivate Submit a bulk domain names registration task.
SaveBatchTaskForCreatingOrderRenew  Submit a bulk domain names renewal task.
SaveBatchTaskForUpdateProhibitionLock Submit a bulk domain names prohibition lock update task.
SaveBatchTaskForTransferProhibitionLock  Submit a bulk domain names transfer prohibition lock task.
QueryTaskList Query the domain name task list.
QueryTaskInfoHistory Query the historical task list for a domain name.
QueryTaskDetailList Query the details list of a domain name task.
QueryTaskDetailHistory Query the historical task detail list for a domain name.
CheckDomain Check whether the domain name can be registered.
AcknowledgeTaskResult Check a task result.
CheckTransferInFeasibility Check whether the domain name can be transferred in.
PollTaskResult Query details list for completed tasks.
QueryTransferInByInstanceId Query domain name transfer in information by instance ID.
QueryTransferInList  Query the domain name transfer in list.
QueryTransferOutInfo Query the domain name transfer out list.
SaveSingleTaskForCancelingTransferIn Submit a canceling domain name transfer in task.
SaveSingleTaskForCancelingTransferOut  Submit a canceling domain name transfer out task.
SaveSingleTaskForQueryingTransferAuthorizationCode Submit a obtaining domain name transfer authorization code task.
TransferInCheckMailToken Verification email for domain name transfer in.
TransferInReenterTransferAuthorizationCode Reenter the authorization code for domain name transfer in.
TransferInRefetchWhoisEmail Re-fetch the WHOIS email for domain name transfer in.
TransferInResendMailToken Resend the verification email for domain name transfer in.
VerifyContactField Verify contact information.
SaveSingleTaskForCreatingOrderRedeem Submit a domain name redemption task.
SaveBatchTaskForCreatingOrderRedeem Submit a bulk domain names redemption task.
SaveSingleTaskForCreatingDnsHost  Submit a DNS host creation task.
SaveSingleTaskForModifyingDnsHost  Submit a DNS host modification task.
SaveSingleTaskForSynchronizingDnsHost  Submit a DNS host sync task.
SaveSingleTaskForTransferProhibitionLock Submit a transfer prohibition lock task.
SaveSingleTaskForUpdateProhibitionLock  Submit a update prohibition lock task.
SaveSingleTaskForUpdatingContactInfo  Submit a domain name information modification task.
QueryDnsHost  Query the domain name DNS host.

Information template APIs

API Description
SaveRegistrantProfile Create or save a domain name information template.
QueryRegistrantProfiles Query the domain name information templates under the current account.
DeleteRegistrantProfile Delete the specified domain name information template.