The DeleteEmailVerification API deletes verified email addresses. After a verified email address is deleted, it must be verified again.

Request parameters

For more information about public request parameters, see public parameters.

Parameter Type Required Description
Action String Yes  API of the action, system required parameter. Set this parameter to DeleteEmailVerification.
Email String Yes Email address. Use commas (,) to separate multiple email addresses.
Lang String No Language of the information returned from the API. The enumerated values include zh (Chinese) and en  (English). The default value is en.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
RequestId String Unique request identifier.
SuccessList SendResultType Delete the successful list.
FailList SendResultType Delete the failure list.
Table 1. SendResultType
Parameter Type Description
Email String Email address to be verified.
Code String Return code.
Message String Response message.

Error codes

Error code Description  HTTP status code Semantics
ParameterIllegal Parameter illegal. 400 Parameter error.
Networkioerror Network IO Error. 400 Network I/O exception.


Request example
? Action=DeleteEmailVerification
&<Public request parameters>

Response example

  • XML format
    <? xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'? >
                <Message>Parameter error</Message>
                <Message>Parameter error</Message>
  • JSON format
      "failList": [
          "code": "ParameterIllegall",
          "email": "",
          "message": "Parameter error"
      "requestId": "B862F011-5E61-4302-88BD-A4EAA5326140",
      "successList": [
          "email": ""