The QueryTaskDetailList API queries the details list of the specified domain name task and returns the results by page.

Request parameters

For more information about public request parameters, see Public parameters.

Parameter Type Required Description
Action String Yes API of the action, system required parameter. Set this parameter to QueryTaskDetailList.
PageNum Integer Yes Page number.
PageSize Integer Yes Page size.
TaskNo String Yes Task ID.
TaskStatus Integer Optional Task status. The enumerated values include: 0: The task is waiting to be executed. 1 : The task is being executed. 2: The task is successfully executed. 3: The task fails to be executed.
DomainName String Optional Domain name.
InstanceId String Optional Domain name instance ID.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
RequestId String Unique request identifier
TotalItemNum Integer Total number of details items
CurrentPageNum Integer Current page number.
TotalPageNum Integer Total number of pages.
PageSize Integer Page size.
PrePage Boolean Whether the previous page exists.
NextPage Boolean Whether the next page exists.
Data TaskDetailType Task list.
Table 1. TaskDetailType
Type Parameter Description
String TaskType Task type, which has the following enumerated values:
  • CHG_HOLDER: Modify the registrant’s information.
  • CHG_DNS: Modify DNS information.
  • SET_WHOIS_PROTECT: Set privacy protection.
  • UPDATE_ADMIN_CONTACT: Modify the administrator information.
  • UPDATE_BILLING_CONTACT: Modify the payers information.
  • UPDATE_TECH_CONTACT: Modify the technician information.
  • SET_UPDATE_PROHIBITED: Set the domain name security lock.
  • SET_TRANSFER_PROHIBITED: Set the domain name transfer lock.
  • ORDER_ACTIVATE: Create a registration order.
  • ORDER_RENEW: Create a renewal order.
  • ORDER_REDEEM: Create a redemption order.
  • CREATE_DNSHOST: Create a DNS host.
  • UPDATE_DNSHOST: Update a DNS host.
  • SYNC_DNSHOST: Synchronize DNS host information.
String DomainName Domain name.
String InstanceId Domain name instance ID.
String TaskStatus Task status, which has the following values:
  • WAITING_EXECUTE: The task is waiting for execution.
  • EXECUTING: The task is being executed.
  • EXECUTE_SUCCESS: The task has been successfully executed.
  • EXECUTE_FAILURE: The task failed to be executed.
String TaskStatusCode Task status code. which has the following values:
  • 0: The task is waiting for execution.
  • 1: The task is being executed.
  • 2: The task has been successfully executed.
  • 3: The task failed to be executed.
String CreateTime Task creation time.
String UpdateTime Last execution time to obtain task details.
Integer TryCount Number of retries to obtain task details.
String TaskNo Task ID.
String TaskDetailNo Task details ID.
String ErrorMsg Task execution failure message.
String TaskTypeDescription Description of the task type.
String TaskResult Task execution results.

Error codes

Error code Description HTTP status code Semantics
ParameterIllegal Parameter illegal. 400 Parameter error
NetworkIOError Network IO Error. 400 Network I/O exception.


Request example
&<Public request parameters>

Response example

  • XML format
    <? xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'? >
                <CreateTime>2018-01-25 20:46:57</CreateTime>
                <UpdateTime>2018-01-25 20:47:01</UpdateTime>
                <ErrorMsg>The operation is successful.</ErrorMsg>
  • JSON format
      "currentPageNum": 1,
      "data": [
          "createTime": "2018-01-25 20:46:57",
          "domainName": "",
          "errorMsg": "The operation is successful.",
          "instanceId": "S20179H1BBI9test",
          "taskDetailNo": "d2402d834c9e4db880d375173e786738",
          "taskNo": "75addb07-28a3-450e-b5ec-test",
          "taskStatus": "EXECUTE_SUCCESS",
          "taskStatusCode": 2,
          "taskType": "ORDER_RENEW",
          "tryCount": 0,
          "updateTime": "2018-01-25 20:47:01"
      "pageSize": 2,
      "requestId": "A0D9EC32-E365-414F-A9B4-test",
      "totalItemNum": 1,
      "totalPageNum": 1