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How do I configure password confirmation when creating Alibaba Cloud product instances?

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Problem description

When specifying the password parameter while creating a resource stack, if an incorrect password is entered, you cannot log on to the product instances that have been created.


When editing the stack template, specify the parameter attribute Confirm as true in the Password block to solve this problem. If you configure "Confirm": true in the template, you are required to confirm the password when creating a stack based on the template. That is, you must enter a same password twice when creating a stack, and you can create the stack successfully.

The method is as follows:

  1. Set the password parameter in the template.


    1. "InstancePassword": {
    2. "Confirm": true,
    3. "NoEcho": true,
    4. "MaxLength": "41",
    5. "Description": "The logon password of ECS instances",
    6. "Type": "String",
    7. "ConstraintDescription": "Consist of 8 to 41 characters of alphanumeric characters",
    8. "MinLength": "8",
    9. "AllowedPattern": "[a-zA-Z0-9]*"
    10. },

    Note: The Confirm attribute can only be available when the value of NoEcho is true.

  2. When creating a stack in the ROS console, set and confirm the password for the instance on the Activate Stack page.

    Set password