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How do I manage my own templates?

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018

You can manage your own templates on the My Template page of the ROS console.

Create a template

If you do not have private templates, you can go to the ROS console to create your own template.

  1. Log on to the ROS console.

  2. Click My Template > Create Template to create a new template.

  3. Enter the template name, template description, and JSON-format template data, and then click Create to create a new template.

    Note: The template content you have entered must completely conform to JSON format. Otherwise, the template creation fails.

    For more information about template creation, see

    • Template structure description and the relevant documents linked to in that document.

    • Or Visual Editor example to edit templates using Visual Editor.

      JSON template creation

      If you already have a template file stored in an online space, you can select Template Source as URL, enter the URL, and click Extract to create a new template based on the template.

      URL template creation

Manage templates

  1. Log on to the ROS console.

  2. Click My Template from the left-side navigation pane. My Template page displays all your private templates.

    Private template list

  3. Click a template name to display the metadata and JSON-format template content.

    Template details

  4. Manage templates.

    Each template provides its own Edit, Delete, and Create Stack buttons.

    • Click Edit to update the template content (the method used to edit templates is basically the same as that used when creating a new template).

    • Click Delete to delete the template.

    • Click Create Stack to go to the resource stack creation page.