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Rules configuration for DataHub data source

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Go to Operation center, you can create new data sources. You can configure the Endpoint of DataHub, data source name, AccessKeyID, and AccessKeySecret to create a connection string. After this, you can query on DQC. This article describes how to configure the DataHub data source.

Choose data source

  1. Click Rules configuration at the left navigation;

  2. Select DataHub data source, you can see all topics in this data source.

    You can also check topics in other data sources by using the Search under the drop-down list of data sources.

Monitor rules configuration

Select a specific topic, click Configure monitor rules to enter monitor rules page.

You can also navigate to My Subscription>DataHub data source>Topic name to enter the subscribed topic quickly.


If you would like to check the running status of task, see Mission inquiries of DataHub data source.

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