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Error codes

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2019

User operation errors

Error code HTTP status code Message Description
NoPermission 403 You are not authorized to this operation. You are not authorized to perform this operation.
BadRequest 400 The request has invalid parameters. The request has invalid parameters.
InstanceStatusError 409 Current Instance status is unavailable. Your instance is unavailable. For example, your instance may have overdue payments.
DeniedRequest 403 The request was denied due to instance throttling. Your request was denied due to instance throttling.
InvalidInstance 400 Invalid instance name. The specified instance name is invalid.
NoCaretSeperator 400 Body lacks ^ seperator. The body content is missing the ^ separator.
EmptyMeta 400 Meta is empty in body. The body content has an empty meta field.
InvalidMetaItem 400 Invalid meta item. The meta field is invalid.
NoPicList 400 Parameter pic_list no specified in body. The body content is missing the pic_list parameter.
InvalidPicList 400 Invalid parameter pic_list. The specified pic_list parameter is invalid.
NoSpecifiedPic 400 Someone picture content no specified. The content of an image is not specified in the HTTP POST body.
NoSpecifiedSearchPic 400 The search picture no specified. The search image is not specified.
InvalidCategory 400 Invalid category. The specified category is invalid.
OverflowMaxResultNum 400 Start parameter overflow max result num 500. The specified number of total results exceeds the maximum of 500.
OverflowMaxReturnNum 400 Num parameter overflow max returned result num 100. The specified number of results for each request exceeds the maximum of 100.
InvalidStartParameter 400 Invalid parameter s. The specified parameter s is invalid.
InvalidNumParameter 400 Invalid parameter n. The specified parameter n is invalid.
NoSpecifiedAddPic 400 The add picture no specified. The image to insert is not specified.
NoSpecifiedItemId 400 The parameter item_id no specified. The item_id parameter is not specified.
InvalidIntAttr 400 Invalid int_attr. The specified int_attr field is invalid.
UnsupportedPicFormat 400 Unsupported picture format. The specified image format is invalid.
InvalidFilterClause 400 Invalid filter clause. The specified filtering condition is invalid.
InstanceOverQuota 400 The instance is over quota. The number of items exceeds the limit.
IncorrectOrientation 400 Incorrect orientation info in picture. The image contains incorrect rotation flags in the meta data.
UnsupportedPicPixels 400 Unsupported picture pixels. The specified pixels is not supported.
SearchTimeout 400 Engine search timeout. The request is timed out.

System errors

Error code HTTP status code Message Description
NetworkException 500 The network exception. A network error occurred.
RequestTimeout 500 The request timeout. The request was timed out.
UnsupportedInstanceType 500 Unsupported instance type. The instance type is not supported.
UnsupportedOperationType 500 Unsupported operation type. The specified action is not supported.
ExtractFeatureTimeout 500 Extract feature timeout. The request was timed out while extracting features.
AccessEngineFailed 500 Access engine failed. An error occurred while you access the search engine.
InternalOssError 500 The internal oas error. An internal Archive Storage error occurred.
InternalSwiftError 500 The internal swift error. An internal SWIFT error occurred.
InternalTableStoreError 500 The internal Table Store error. An internal Table Store error occurred.
InternalError 500 The server internal error. An internal server error occurred.
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