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Last Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Resources that can be Authorized in RAM

Currently, Image Search supports only instances as a resource type. Make sure your Image Search resources are described in a Resource Access Management (RAM) policy as follows:

  • Resource type: instance
  • Resource description format in a RAM policy: acs:imagesearch:$regionid:$accountid:instance/$instance
    • $regionid: The ID of a region. To specify all regions, enter *.
    • $accountid: The numeric ID of your Alibaba Cloud primary account. To specify all accounts, enter *.
    • $instance: The name of an instance. For example: demo123. To specify all instances, enter *.

Actions for different resources

Resource Actions
instance/* ClearInstance, DescribeInstance, IncreaseInstance, InitInstance, RemoveInstance, ListInstance, SearchItem, DeleteItem, AddItem, ListIncrement
instance/$instance ClearInstance, DescribeInstance, IncreaseInstance, InitInstance, RemoveInstance, SearchItem, DeleteItem, AddItem, ListIncrement
Action Description
ClearInstance Clear an instance.
DescribeInstance View detailed information about an instance.
InitInstance Initialize an instance.
RemoveInstance Delete an instance.
ListInstance View instance list.
SearchItem Search for images.
DeleteItem Remove images.
AddItem Add images.
ListIncrement View OSS import tasks on an instance.

Available regions for RAM

Region RegionId
Singapore ap-southeast-1
Shanghai cn-shanghai
Hongkong cn-hongkong
Tokyo ap-northeast-1
Frankfurt eu-central-1