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Create an AccessKey

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018

Before using Alibaba Cloud OpenAPI to call cloud services, you must create an AccessKey.

For security reasons, the applications must use the RAM user to call an API to access the Alibaba Cloud resources. A RAM user is created by the primary account and has limited permissions on specific resources grant by the primary account.

Note: Do not use the AccessKey of the primary account to call APIs.

If your application only requires a temporary permission of a resource, you can use the Security Token Service to create a temporary token to use. For more information, see STS Documentation.

Follow these steps to create a RAM user and an AccessKey:

  1. Log on to the RAM console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Users, and then click Create User.

  3. In the Create User dialog, enter a user name and click OK.

  4. Click the created user name.

  5. In the User Access Key area, click Create Access Key

  6. Click Save Access Key Information to download the AccessKey.

    Note: The AccessKey is displayed only when it is created. Please save it carefully.


After creating a RAM user, you must grant the RAM user corresponding permissions to call the Alibaba Cloud API. For more information, see Authorization policies.

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